Please note that Rita Fuller-Yates and her staff will always treat you with respect. It is our mission to make the world a better place to live.

We feel that the same respect should be given by all who leave messages via our "Contact" page, or any of our social media feeds.

If at any time, you chose to violate this request, you will be blocked and or removed from posting any future messages.

Additionally, Please note that in some cases Rita Fuller-Yates may require assistance from her staff when traveling to a particular event or hosting engagement. Please consider this as you make your request.

In some cases, Rita Fuller-Yates may require security and or transportation to requested event. This will be the responsibility of the requesting party.

Rita Fuller-Yates and her staff make every attempt to honor each request. However, should there be a conflict in scheduling, we may ask to reschedule of decline to attend.

**  Please note that any and all costs for special appearances and or hosting shall be agreed to prior to booking.  A deposit of 50 percent of amount shall be due upon booking, with the remainder due upon completion of event. 

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