Pineapple Surprise!

Join me in the kitchen for another quick , great tasting recipe.

Today we work with Bacon and shrimp to create an amazing appetizer for your guests.

The bacon grabs you, the shrimp takes you and the pineapple makes you smile!

Lets get started!   Watch now!

Hosting a couples Dinner

Tips and tricks for hosting a couples dinner.

Table setting tips as well as quick and easy meals to make everyone feel at home.

How to Videos

Looking great in your 40's

Lets face it ladies, we are getting older. But that doesn't mean we should die to looking great. Watch this video to get some great tips for keeping your style fresh and

current with todays fashion trends.

Every style is not meant for every person. So lets review what works and what may not work.

Whats in your closet?... I am sure we can put something together that will help with keeping things fresh and making a statement.

Watch now!

Great tasting holiday mixed drink

Create a fresh new taste for the holidays!

impress your friends by introducing them to a new mixed drink!

Its quick and easy, and only requires 3 mixtures. Watch now!

How to make Homemade Salsa & Chips!

Join me in the kitchen as we learn to make homemade salsa and chips!

Your family and friends will want to know how you made it!  It's quick and easy and tastes great!

Watch now!