Eye Dont Know

I try to be as honest as possible when describing any good, bad or indifferent experiences I’ve had in this new world of beauty.  With me being an advocate of makeup, skin care and anything in the enhancement industry; I’m easy to convince into a new product or service especially if it causes no pain.  I am not in the business to hurt any small business or side on the end of business that discounts honesty and avoids details of the truth.  I am simply explaining my experience in hope that others study, research and evaluate best options to avoid potential problems with eye lash extensions.

Two years ago, I decided to invest in eye lash extensions and was so excited considering I saw a friend use them and immediately I made an appointment.  I won’t give details of the provider considering this issue I will discuss today has little to do with the provider then the natural process of eye lash extensions.  After leaving my appointment, I noticed my lashes were perfect, natural and required no mascara……..this alone, had me sold.  As a person who wore make up since I was fourteen years old, applying mascara was the most daunting part of my make up regime and saving time with eye lash extensions was a huge plus. 

As time proceeded and I continued to remain committed to the process and my appointments, I noticed my eye lashes were growing in astronomical proportions and beginning to sit on the front of my glasses.  Although I was excited to have long lashes, my husband and daughter was much concerned with the unattractiveness of the length of my lashes and to add fuel to the fire, my lashes were growing straight as if they were fingers.  I begin noticing the uniqueness of my lashes myself and at my next visit for a refill I asked why this was happening.  I was shocked by the response.  She explained, the lashes are extensions of our own lashes and they grow according to natural curl pattern from our lashes.  What?  That wasn’t explained to me prior to you putting them on my lashes and now I have lashes on my face that look like a broom.  What do I do now?  She explained, I can get the high extended curl lashes but would have to remove these lashes and begin the process again.  I opted out of both options and decided to return to my natural born lashes and what happened next……..Wow!!

As I proceeded home to do the inevitable and remove my eyelashes; most of them had fallen out in between visit, I had anxiety not knowing the condition of my natural lashes considering I had decided to wear the extensions for six months.  Once I removed my makeup and begin pulling on the remaining eye lash extensions, I noticed a bigger problem………I had no more lashes!  Yes, you heard me correctly………my natural lashes came out with the extensions and honestly I looked very similar to a sick person or someone battling hair loss or cancer.  My heart was broken beyond measure because I truly don’t believe in any process that removes my natural beauty but I love enhancement products that add value to my beauty.  Due to the eyelash extensions, I didn’t have lashes on my face for almost two weeks and had to ponder going outside or attending events.

 I share my experience as an opportunity for others to know the challenges of Eyelash extensions while valuing the importance of self research and knowing what is best for you versus listening to the industry tell you what is best for you.   

I have determined I have a love and hate relationship with eyelash extensions; hints why I decided to title the blog “Eye Don’t Know”, I’m not against the process but I’m against the process if the process hinders YOU!

After two weeks of working towards health lashes, I decided to try a product called lash booster by Rodan & Fields and after two years of using it; I am SOLD!

Never will I return to eyelash extensions but will continue to support and use Rodan & Fields eye lash booster not because it’s the next best product BUT because the product is a miracle and works.

Click the Image and purchase the Lash Boost Today. I promise youll love it!

Click the Image and purchase the Lash Boost Today. I promise youll love it!


Rita Fuller- Yates