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Lifestyle Expert

Rita Fuller-Yates is a professional Lifestyle Expert that helps provide everyday people with simple tools and guidelines to improving social entertainment.  She is a teacher and author of her first novel “Life, Camera, Action” and an advocate for social change and genuine relationships.  As a Lifestyle Expert she proactively provides classes and workshops as a necessary tool to demonstrate the reality of social entertainment.  These classes and workshops vary from small group Lifestyle Talk events regarding beauty, fashion and Interior Design to larger group events geared towards the artist or crafts extraordinaire and couples.  Please visit our events page to learn more about our events and how each event is geared towards the perfect personality.  If you’re in need of a Lifestyle Expert for your event, business or service, please send an email to

Interior Design

Ydecorate LLC. is a full service, interior design firm specializing in custom services that create a unique home feel for the individual space.  Whether designing residential or commercial spaces, Ydecorate has built a reputation on achieving highly individual results for a discerning clientele.  Ydecorate designs singular interiors, which allow clients to fully express who they are and what values are more important.  The client’s history and personality, coupled with Fuller-Yates broad base of expertise is the colorful elements used to create the perfect space.   If you have any interest in our Interior Design services, please send an email to with your interest, concerns or issue and we will return your email within 48 hours

AHCinc Facility Services

In 2000 Rita Fuller launched her first business and learned the value and importance of entrepreneurship.  Aubri’s House of Clean, Inc. is a light maintenance facility company that services residential and commercial clients and specializes in janitorial and electrical services.  Shawn Yates (Rita Fuller-Yates husband) is a journeyman electrician and is certified to handle most electrical needs.  AHCinc. Is a growing establishment and has serviced thousands of businesses and residents in Central, Ohio.  If you have any interest in our maintenance, janitorial or electrical Company, please send an email to and we will return your email within 48 hours. 

Speaking Engagements

Rita Fuller-Yates is a Lifestyle Expert that is on a mission to improve social entertainment in America.  She works hard to provide tools and resources to ensure America learns the importance of improving genuine relationships and teaches the role of connection and helping people smile.  Fuller-Yates is a TV and social media personality and enjoys sharing her messages in front of different audiences and platforms.  Her goal is to use her energetic natural persona to motivate, stimulate and ignite people to improve their lifestyles and add value to the aging process.  Fuller-Yates enjoys speaking on different platforms; including but not limited to, Mistress of Ceremony, Key Note speaker, Event Hostess, Roundtable Leader or Panel Discussions.  If you’re interested in utilizing Fuller-Yates for any of your event needs, please send an email to and she will follow up with pricing and confirmation within 48 hours.

Product Ambassador/ Brand Awareness

As an entrepreneur, you are responsible for your entire brand from conception to development, to implementation and beyond.  But you are just one person, and as you grow your brand, you’ll change your status from one-man band to an executive adding devout followers and skilled technicians, to move the brand forward.  At this stage, extra power may be needed….specifically, a brand ambassador.  As Forbes magazine mentioned in their recent article “Why Lifestyle influencers are the next IT endorsers.”    Let Rita Fuller-Yates help you define your audience while she represents, eats, lives and breathes your brand for you.  She will create the perfect marketing and social media plan to help ease the transition to customers and ensure your customers obtain all of the necessary information to represent your brand.  For a small fee, Fuller-Yates will add value to your brand and increase social media visibility by 100% or more.  In addition, Shawn Yates, Rita husband provides the perfect solution to media visibility by implementing social media videos and short commercials.  If you’re interested in utilizing any of the above services, please send an email to and she will follow up with pricing within 48 hours.


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