Aging in Grace

As the age of fifty quickly approaches, I find myself destined to better understand how to grow mature while identifying new ways to approach life as it pertains to my health, beauty and fashion.  I find myself searching to find effective methods that help improve my lifestyle but at the same time, allows for me to grow older with intents of knowing the right tools and resources available to use during the growing process.  This blog will do just that, it will help provide tools and resources for others to learn through my very own life experiences.  I will share tips and guidelines to help find the perfect undergarment for the right dress.  I will journal my personal health journeys and challenges, take videos and share my resources to insure you obtain the correct information and I will share family secrets and healthy tools from other experts and professionals.    

If you are a person that wants to learn how to grow older in grace while identifying the perfect tool to help along the way, you will want to follow my blog aging in Grace.

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Rita Fuller- YatesComment